My raytraced images

Space ball(59 K)
This is a weird space ball. It is a good example for modular object modelling with POV-Ray. Click here to look at the source.
Tubular Bells(86 K)
This is my version of the famous Tubular Bells logo by Mike Oldfield. Thanks to Jörg-Christian Knochen for his improvements. Click here to look at the source.
Sculpture(71 K)
A sculpture made of four torus halfs. The same object is used in my "worm" stereogram. Thanks to Lars Westphal for the worm idea. Click here to look at the source.
Pendulum(37 K)
Pendulum in the sand. The sand with rings was designed by using a height field created from a POV-Ray texture.
Magic cards(54 K)
Scene from Magic: The Gathering.
Escher pipes(225 K)
M.C. Escher pipes. My first infinite scene. It uses heavy reflection to fake the huge number of objects. In fact, there is only one single cube with pipes attached to its edges. Click here to look at the source.
Last branch(73 K)
Sanctuary with last branch of the earth. A raytrace cooperation from Christian Voecks and me.
Cavern Beast(48 K)
My own card idea for Magic: The Gathering. This card is probably a bit unbalanced, but since it's unofficial, it would be restricted to zero anyway :-)
Chaos View(53 K)
Another card idea. This time it's an artifact, that has a close relation to Seasinger. If played with Twiddle, this card can get really nasty.
Cleaning Woman(46 K)
Yet another one. Guess where I got the inspiration from :-)
Drops(83 K)
This is Drops from Space. I used marble veins to create the lightning effect. Click here to look at the source.
Selfinclude(103 K)
A recursive experiment. The scene file includes itself several times to construct the torus cluster object. Click here to look at the source.
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